Topaz ~ November’s Birthstone

November 26th, 2009

Sherry Topaz

Powdered Topaz was once considered a cure for burns, asthma, insomnia and insanity.

As November’s birthstone, Topaz has more sweeping powers attributed to it than any other gem.   According to the ancients, Topaz cooled not only boiling water but angry tempers, too!  The name derives from the Greek, meaning “to seek.”  Originally, Topazus was an island so fog-bound that sailors had difficulty finding it and, thus, the meaning of the word.  Topaz is the symbol of uprightness, loyalty and healing powers.  It is found in Brazil, Siberia and southern Asia.  Chemically, Topaz is an aluminum fluosilicate.  It occurs in openings or cavities of fire-formed rocks.  Sherry Topaz is so called because it catches light like sherry wine in fine crystal.  This golden color is what most people are familiar with but Topaz is also found in blue, pale green and violet.

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